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Hello Tony,

There is a picture at:

They usually seem to go banana shaped. The one in the photo seems to be a better than usual example in terms of holding its shape. I am not sure if there was anything more than this one type or what prototype they were based on if any - LMS period II coaches? Maybe someone else can advise. They do come up for sale, but always seem to be unloved and unwanted.


QUOTE (21C1 @ 11 Apr 2007, 12:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Anyone here know any thing about Coachcraft coaches? Probably the same era as 00 Graham Farish with plastic bodies and metal bogies/wheels.
Anyone heard of them?


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Hi Tony

I have got a set of Coopercraft kits for the Silver Jubilie set that I will one day get round to building, but haven't come across any comments about 'banana's' before

If you use the search tool in the boexes at the top, I do remember some good pic's of someones Corination set with a beevor tail.

Good luck


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Funnily enough I hadn't seen or heard anything about Coachcraft for several years, however I was recently given some mid/late 50's model railway mags and there was an article on them. It appears the range died out around that time. By the way Bro Sewell I think you're getting two manufacturers confused.


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