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The Guard's compartment (often referred to as the 'van' although it was not a separate carriage as it once would have been*) would be on the outer ends of the outer coaches. There were two reasons for this:
1. The guard would have all the train in front of him and did not have to look round behind to safely start the train;
2. in the event of one train running into the back of another there would not be many passengers in the back of the front train so casualties would possibly be reduced.

* There were 'Full Brake' coaches also - these were used on passenger trains where much luggage was expected, or used in fast parcels and newspaper trains where carrying capacity was important. There are ready-to-run models of these in 4mm scale; I don't know about 2mm which is what I assume you are modelling in.

There are quite a few books on coaches - it might be worth your while looking in your local library, or if their collection is catalogued 'on line', taking a look at that.

John Webb
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