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for a typical, normal train setup...up until the end of steam, anyway, you need, somewhere to eat, somewhere to sit,somewhere to put the baggage, and toilet access.

Ratio of first to second may well be 2 or 3 to one, second to first....however, the number of 'seating' coaches would depend on the expected loadings.

Do not forget parcels traffic.

There have been a series of articles recently in Model Rail concerningtrain consists, and also, how parcels traffic was moved.

So, having assembled the 'basics, outlined above...adding however many extra 'seats' to cope with intended loading, don't forget the Vans.....of which the choice is many and varied...and COULD be drawn from much 'older' stock....including pre-grouping era......if the modelled era was late 50's/ early 60's.

plus, there's always the chance to run whatever you like.....since even Flying Scotsman would have also hauled ECS...especially displaced stock.

[I remember as a lad, modelling 3mm [Tri-ang] TT....finding my 'local' model shop in Sutton Coldfield. having a 'sell-off' of surplus stock......I got all excited when I noticed a stack of coaches, they being quite expensive at the find they were ALL Restaurant the prices I bought several.....using 'imagination' as a substitute for Composites, brakes, the end, I really was...stumped? What did one do with 4 or 5 restaurant cars, and one brake compo?}
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