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Reading all that very helpful information about train formations and that useful tip about putting the RU in the middle and using it to searate the first class and second class accomodation, something else has just occurred to me.

On the Midland Mainline in the 70s and 80s, I have the impression that they always martialled the first class stock at the London end of the train. This gave the posh first class passengers a flying start to get to the taxi rank and off to their meetings before the lesser mortals at the back of the train. Does anybody know if this also happened on the ECML?

Another question arises with regard to the uncommon Mk1 Brake Composites. Were these martialled at the first class end of non stop ECML trains which usually had locos with corridor tenders to enable crew changes? This would have allowed the spare loco crew to kip in comfort in the first compartment without troubling the first class passengers. I do remember on occasions seeing loco crew in the first compartment in the train when making my way forward to the front to get a better view of the engine.

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