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... However, although Code 55 (in SCARM) does offer a scissor crossover, it only appears to provide about 18 junctions and I have found that from that collection, I cannot form a turnout from one track which then crosses a parallel track.

I've searched unsuccessfully for a for a catalogue (including on PECO's website but cant seem to find anywhere that shows everything that is available in one place....
Firstly, welcome. I find it's a fun hobby, and hopefully you will find it so too.

Secondly, frustration. When using 'ready to lay' (RTL) track there are inevitable limitations and working around these is necessary, until ready to make bespoke track. (There are products to support this activity.) I use OO so cannot provide any specific advice on what can be done to modify the RTL track systems for N gauge: this is possible in OO and helps a lot. The upside of Peco's track product is that it works, and is highly durable in the hands of a careful user.

Here's a link to the site of an efficient retailer. If there is a pre-order flag in the illustration that means they have no stock to sell you and are awaiting supply. (In twenty one years I have yet to find them claiming to have stock when none is available, and they count down stock level in real time too. Most UK retailers do not attain to this standard.)
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