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I've started designing an 'N gauge trackplan in PECO Code 80 using SCARM, but in the displayed 20+ turn-outs and junctions did not include a scissor crossing which I want to include. In looking for solutions, I frequently read that as well as Code 55 being more realistic than Code 80, it also offered a larger selection of turn-outs and junctions. However, although Code 55 (in SCARM) does offer a scissor crossover, it only appears to provide about 18 junctions and I have found that from that collection, I cannot form a turnout from one track which then crosses a parallel track.

I've searched unsuccessfully for a for a catalogue (including on PECO's website but cant seem to find anywhere that shows everything that is available in one place.

I'm so frustrated by it I'm considering going back to Code 80.

Be grateful for views from some more experienced enthusiasts.
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