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Collecable Model Railway magazines

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Model Railway people,

I have a large collection of some 229 old model railway magazines that I hoped I could interest you in. They are as follows:

Model Railway Constructor :

1960 August to December
1961 - All bar January 1961
1963 - Full year
1965 - Full year still has the British Rail transfers unused!!
1967 - Full year
1968 - Full year
1969 - Full year
1970 - Full year
1971 - Full year

Model Railways :

1972 - Full year
1973 - Full year
1974 - Full year
1976 - Full year
1979 - All bar July 1979
1980 - All bar February 1980
1981 - All bar April 1981
1982 - Full year

Railway Modeller :

1972 - Full year
1973 - Full year
1974 - Full year

They are all in excellent condition.
I am based in the north west of England.
Any offers please?
Thanks for your time.

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Model Railway folk,

This collection of printed magazines has risen from 229 to 253 as I have found the complete years of 'Model Railways' for 1975 ans 1976.

Are these of no use to anybody?

It would seem such a shame to recycle them.


One way of recycling them without destroying them is to donate them to a local model railway club or to a local 'heritage railway' - the latter often then sell them on to visiting modellers/enthusiasts to help their funds out.

There are other internet forums specifically for railway modellers that you could try as well.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.

John Webb
Hi John,

Many thanks for your comments. As you may have guessed, I am not a Railway Modellor as I inherited these magazines from a friend and I was hoping that somebody may find them useful.
Can you point me in the directions of other forums where I could list them please? or indeed any clubs in the Merseyside area?

Many, many thanks


For club information and another forum look at
There is a Railway Modellers' website (nothing to do with the Peco magazine) but I don't remember the address - something like 'rmweb', I think.
For heritage railways look at

John Webb
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