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Collecting Peco Wonderful Wagons (OO)

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Hello, I'm Rob & I'm new, so go easy....

I've been building a collection of Peco Wonderful Wagons in OO Gauge over the years, I've got at least one example of just about every model ever made (apart from 2 of the approx 96 in the range that I know of).

The thing is, finding information of history of the models is quite a challenge, even Peco seem reluctant to share what they have (if indeed they have much). So I've taken to buying old Peco catalogues off eBay and I've started piecing together the history of the models, release dates and so on.

So what I'm looking to do is acquire any information out there on these little models, so I can build a detailed history. My plan ultimately is to produce a definitive history of the models to share with those who may be interested. Information may be personal knowledge, old catalogues, maybe even the two models I'm missing - I'd be happy to pay a reasonable amount for physical items.

Things I'm not sure about include when the various Series / Mks were released (this seems to roughly align with the decades) and what were the differences, when they went out of production, that sort of thing. Does anyone out there have any information or inkling to help?

There is honestly no information out there for these models - I thought it might be interesting to curate a little corner of modelling history. Anyone else interested?

Thanks in advance,

Rob T.

p.s. the models I am missing are R-62BF BR 3 Plank in Red Oxide (seems like it was only available around 1962 to 1965) and W-03 National Benzole tank wagon (it appears in a catalogue but not on a price list so I'm not sure it was ever released).
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Have you got the Diana and Charles marriage wagon?
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Jolly good idea, I've done that! That will be sure to keep me quiet over the Christmas holidays.... Thanks for your input!
From what I have found out so far, W. Craven Llewelyn was one of the initial range of 12 Wonderful Wagons. It was a Series 1 model so it had the wooden sides, not the one piece die cast body of the series 2 onwards models. It was available until about 1960 until the series 1 models were completely discontinued (the 12th edition catalogue from 1962 confirms they are no longer in production).

Interestingly, in the series one range, released 1954, there were two models with a 'coal smeared weathered look' as well as the 'clean' look (C&G Ayres and Frank Jackman). I do wonder if this is the earliest example of a manufacturer factory weathering a product but I don't know for sure and I haven't had chance to research sufficiently to prove it either...
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This is a great initiative Rob; I have always been a fan of these wagons and picked them up at fairs when I saw them as I couldn't believe what good VFM they were. These are mine at around a fiver each, plus some container card kits 🤗

R74U 3 United Dairies Tank Wagon
R75RD 2 Royal Daylight Tank Wagon
R75S 1 Shell/BP Tank Wagon
R75S 3 Shell/BP Tank Wagon
1 10T IZAL products Wagon
1 7-Plank Emlyn Anthracite Wagon
1 10T Saxa Salt Wagon
1 10T Saxa Salt Wagon
1 Colmans Mustard Traffic
1 Tarmac Mineral (5 Plank)
R-66R 2 Raleigh Cycles Container
R-66JL 2 Lyons Tea Container
That's a nice little collection there. The Emlyn wagon was only produced from around 72 to 75, give or take, and is thus not available is such high numbers as, say, the Kingsbury wagon that enjoyed a run from around 65 to the end of production in the late 80s. Incidentally, I used to live near Kingsbury and it is the Kingsbury wagon kit that got me hooked...

Saxa Salt might be a series 1 model, if it has the base that is 'detailed' as in it says this is a Peco wagon made in Seaton as opposed to just saying 'PECO', check to see if it has a card roof. If it does, it is a rare series 1 model that was only available for a very limited time in the late 50s. They were also made from 72 on, ish, with a plastic roof and a PECO chassis - this model is far more common as it was available pretty much until the end of production.

Same with your Mustard van, was available for a short period in '68 (was one of their first box vans) so if it has detailed chassis info and a card roof, it's a rare series 1. If it has a PECO chassis and a plastic roof it is from about '81 on.

If you see a container IC Fuzzey, buy it, they are like hens teeth. The one I have is the only one I've ever found for sale and I've been looking for years.

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Presumably fitted with weak couplings?
LOL yes, one coupling is very weak but the other end seems to couple with others quite readily...
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Anthony is correct, the wagons come up on eBay quite a lot (a nice pair of wagons there too Anthony). Sometimes there are many available, other times not. At the minute there are lots of them available, some prices are sensible some not so. I got a lot of my wagons for abound 2 to 3 quid each but there are not many at that price now. My personal feeling is that a well made example in good condition with Hornby couplers and in a fair original box is worth a tenner or so. There is a BASS van on eBay in this lot;

Sadly I can't see a Worthington one for sale at the minute but keep looking and I'm sure one will pop up in time.
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Somewhere or other I have the bodies of a Tarmac five plank open and three vans, Blue Circle, Carricks and another in brown, liveried for a rope and twine mfr of Musselbrugh. All likely to be stripped of at least wheels, buffers and W irons, recycled onto other models. Anyone interested can have them for postage. The only one still running is an ICI salt wagon, making its way to an ICI Plastics division location on the 'Welwyn shunt'.

Don't murder the Peco Wagons, I'll pay a fair price & postage for them!!

Tarmac was quite common, came out about '65 ish and ran to the end of production. Blue Circle van ran from about '72 to the end of production and Carricks the same. The 'other' van is the J & W Stuart van which only ran for about 12 or so years so this one is a bit harder to find than the others. Most of the vans ran for about 20 years with a couple of exceptions - Colmans seems to have appeared very briefly in around '68 with a card roof and was very quickly discontinued until it came back in 81 with a plastic roof - card roofed Colemans vans are very rare. ICI Salt wagon ran from around '68 ish to the end of production.

So, if you are selling, I am buying at a fair price. Soon I'll have about 200 of these wagons... Email me directly if you want to set up a deal you can get me by using rob at ii-au dot com and I'll reply from there.

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