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Dear All,

The Zimo MX31ZL has Global RailCom detection. What this means is that it will find any RailCom enabled decoders (Lenz Gold, ESU, Zimo etc) and build a list of active locos straight away. The Zimo implemented features of RailCom are the following (from the MX31ZL manual):-

'Selected speed and actual speed (may differ due to outside influence) are numerically displayed, just like the prototype does. Additionally, position dependent speed limits applied by the "signal controlled speed influence" are indicated - in plane view - using the light bar next to the display with solid and flashing red LED's. "Asymmetrical DCC signal" (Lenz ABC) is also supported. RailCom is also involved during operations mode programming (on the main), which makes these procedures virtually identical to "service mode" programming on the programming track, provided the decoder and command station are RailCom ready.
A particularly interesting feature of RailCom is the transmission of "location codes" and "routing codes", which are used by the ZIMO system for automated route activation (or for ARS, a reduced version of the same).'

There are plans for more features in the future, but a lot depends on more cooperation at the NMRA level, which is going very slowly.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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