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Commander or ECoS?

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Hello everyone, I have read the instructions of the Viess Commander and it says that you only have to put a loco on the track and it will immediately be recognized as to which loco it is, does the ECoS do this, or do you have to enter the information in separately?
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IIRC RailCom was added late last year, possibly in the 1.1.0 release.

I don't quite know what Viessmann mean by recognising your loco. On the ECoS, you can put a loco on the programming track and have it read the entire decoder contents. If it's a decoder the ECoS recognises, then it will say so. Not surprisingly it works particularly well on ESU decoders as I found out the other night when I got it to read the LokSound decoder I had just fitted to my Deltic. An awful lot more CVs suddenly became available.

The principle benefit that I have found from RailCom so far is the ability to get confirmation of a CV change when programming on the main (POM) rather than on the programming track. This is useful for fine tuning.

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