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Comments on Layout Please

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I've already posted this under Barchester, but I would appreciate as many comments as possible. Its OO gauge end to end layout. The layout is based on a real branch terminus (Dalkeith), early 60's. I have had to remove a siding, and have changed the two platform sidings into a single bay. The town was a short branch off the Waverley route. Although there were not industries off it, too make it more interesting I have included two. I fancy a paper mill to the south (could do with some sample pictures of a small one, cant find anything of use on web). Not sure what the north industry should be, but it should be something that existed in the District, ie wood mill, carpet factory or mine, but not much space for something large scale, open to suggestions. The branch line off the branch line, if you follow, is too a depot, which is a work of fiction. Hardengreen was a junctions, a series of transfer sidings, and a goods yard in reality, on the Waverley route itself, but it did have a single loco, stationed there to help long trains up a steep incline to fala, and that's all the excuse I need. I have shown a line running off the base boards to the south to give the impression it serves a wider area than just this line. In reality the line was a mile long, but obviously I've had to shrink it to fit. I hope I have managed to break it up to give the feeling that its longer than it is. I've just noticed I've missed a set of points for the loco to turn around at the platform. Also can someone give me info on where to locate the semaphor signals and the right type, I really have no idea what would be correct. Thanks in advance.K
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>Anyone knwo much about signals?
We've had a couple of short threads about signalling in the past. Try the Search button above.

If you start from the position that a home signal is there to halt a train moving into a position where it will collide with another train you can't go far wrong. Basically every movement through a set of points will require a signal to protect it. Don't worry too much about distants because you don't have the space. Once you have the "running" signals decided, move onto the shunting signals.

I posted a layout design some time ago and then proceeded to draw up a signalling diagram for it. Deciding where to put the signals forced me to consider what train movements would be taking place. That in turn caused a few layout modifications. Unfortunately I can't really upload it here as the size reduction required would render it a waste of time.

I hope this helps.
>On a different point I note most people lay track on cork tiles, or sometimes, wall liner in order to give the ballast a shoulder
I use Sundeala board and cut a channel between the tracks. This is also rather tedious but at least I don't have to lift tracks. I have already decided that if I want a new track layout that the board is history.

Neither approach will provide the height required to match the superelevation on the curves through Dawlish Warren!

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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