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Comments on Layout Please

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I've already posted this under Barchester, but I would appreciate as many comments as possible. Its OO gauge end to end layout. The layout is based on a real branch terminus (Dalkeith), early 60's. I have had to remove a siding, and have changed the two platform sidings into a single bay. The town was a short branch off the Waverley route. Although there were not industries off it, too make it more interesting I have included two. I fancy a paper mill to the south (could do with some sample pictures of a small one, cant find anything of use on web). Not sure what the north industry should be, but it should be something that existed in the District, ie wood mill, carpet factory or mine, but not much space for something large scale, open to suggestions. The branch line off the branch line, if you follow, is too a depot, which is a work of fiction. Hardengreen was a junctions, a series of transfer sidings, and a goods yard in reality, on the Waverley route itself, but it did have a single loco, stationed there to help long trains up a steep incline to fala, and that's all the excuse I need. I have shown a line running off the base boards to the south to give the impression it serves a wider area than just this line. In reality the line was a mile long, but obviously I've had to shrink it to fit. I hope I have managed to break it up to give the feeling that its longer than it is. I've just noticed I've missed a set of points for the loco to turn around at the platform. Also can someone give me info on where to locate the semaphor signals and the right type, I really have no idea what would be correct. Thanks in advance.K
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QUOTE (John Webb @ 20 Sep 2006, 23:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I don't know the area you are looking at at all. Is this two single-line branches converging on one station or the twin up/down lines? If the latter arrangement I'd be inclined to put a third line just below the two 'main' lines linking with the line into the engine depot, the industrial building and the sidings by the station. This would act as an 'independent' line to enable locos to come on and off shed without having to go immediately onto the 'main line' and also act as a headshunt for the goods yard and industry so shunting can go on while pasenger trains come and go.
Best wishes,
John Webb
It should be a twin line branch line to be correct. But I decided to create a separate branch line to a loco depot to add user interest and somewhere to house a nice line up of locos.

Thanks for the Mills comments Doug as well, I'll check it out.

Anyone knwo much about signals?

Thanks for the comments
Thanks for all the info guys
Cheers John, think I have confused things a little. Its not two single branch lines coming from the fiddle yard but one twin track line, which is prototypical. But I have created an additional single branch line to the depot which is fictional. Hope that makes it clearer, help with the signals would be great, Thanks
QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 22 Sep 2006, 12:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>looks interesting. i would think about how busy it looks in the top left though. you only have 2 foot square. if it were me i would try and shift the platforms to the inside to gove the curves that extra couple of inches.
also look at how far the road comes across at the top. you have lost a full 8 inches. you could ease those curves alot more. i would try and make it 1 sweeping curve across the top rather than 2 curves and a straight.

but its just a sugestion.

Thanks for the suggestions Peter, but I'm trying to keep it as close to the orginal as possible within the layout space constraints that I have, although I accept that moving the road would help in that respect, I'll give it some further thought.
Thanks Bob interesting web site.
On a different point I note most people lay track on cork tiles, or sometimes, wall liner in order to give the ballast a shoulder. Although in real life, stations and goods yards dont tend to have a sholder but main lines and branch lines do. It occurs to me that you have to lay the track first, temporarily to sort out where everything goes, then lift it again, lay the cut cork to the marked area, then relay the track, plus cut out and holes for point motors etc. Is it worth all the extra, hassle, of using the cork to create a shoulder, seems to add a lot of extra work to the track laying phase?
QUOTE (dwb @ 23 Sep 2006, 10:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>>On a different point I note most people lay track on cork tiles, or sometimes, wall liner in order to give the ballast a shoulder
I use Sundeala board and cut a channel between the tracks. This is also rather tedious but at least I don't have to lift tracks. I have already decided that if I want a new track layout that the board is history.

Neither approach will provide the height required to match the superelevation on the curves through Dawlish Warren!

Not a bad idea but have already made the boards using ply as its a little more durable for dismantling.
QUOTE (Colombo @ 23 Sep 2006, 22:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Keekster,

I see that you plan to use cassettes four feet long. This implies a loco and three carriages, or four short ones. You may as well limit your platforms to this length if this helps the design. Also you may need more width to slide your cassettes around, unless you plan to lift them right out every time.

If you want to view your locos on shed, would it not be better to have only one single road shed and some outside storage and servicing facilities. As I see you plan a turntable, I presume this will be a steam age layout, so you will need sidings for coaling and ashing out. You could save space by using only small tender types and tank engines and do away with the TT.

Some interesting ideas, I'm still weighing the options. THe turntable takes up so much, and originally locos would have left tender first from the station, as the nearest turntable was at least 10miles away in Edinburgh ( I could always use a short casstte in the fiddle yard for this purpose). I'm thinking of reducing the shed to 2 roads as well to give more space for outside storage and servicing facilities, which will add more visual interest, and or holding sidings. I plan to lift the cassettes out straight away, by the way, and ideally will be the same length as the platform. I'm hoping for a 4 carrages or 3 plus parcel wagon to be honest. Thanks for all the comments so far.
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