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From the diagram it looks as if you have gone for 8' by 2'. If that's the case could you not add a further board of 2' square at each end of your present design. This would give you a U shape and a longer run between stations. It would also be possible to have say 4' of the 8' length as a fiddle yard, say 6" in from the back with whatever you like in front to disguise it. This would still keep you within the confines of 8' by 4'. Another good point about all U shaped layouts is that you have your back to half of the layout most of the time when operating which adds to the illusion of more space than there is. We are talking tight curves here of course.
If your presdent design is 8' by 18" then you would increase the other boards to 2'6".
If all this sounds a bit much how about an L shape?
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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