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On RMweb one of the posters would really like the above locomotive.

It just isn't made!!

So he is asking kit manufacturers if they would build a brass kit with the nickel silver chassis etc.
Trying to keep the kit below the £100 and that is complete, the only extra would be paint and transfers.

Lucky for me I don't model any era or area so I can basically run anything I want.....I know it's more than my life's worth!!

This to me is a great idea, a model commissioned by modellers!

He has had some rough quotes for producing such a kit, that will be in OO gauge.
The makers will need to sell between 30-50 at full retail price, to justify the cost, the forum member has said he will underwrite the production costs!!

Just curious to see if anybody on here would be interested in a kit.

Have no idea how long it will take to actually have the kit produced, but to build a kit that has been produced because we as modellers want it sounds good to me!

I have attached a photo of Metropolitan for reference.
One is of a 7mm kit that has now been finished, which is a shame, but lets hope that with our efforts a OO-gauge kit can be made.

Train Wheel Vehicle Nature Rolling stock

Train Wheel Vehicle Rolling stock Steam engine

What do you think?


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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