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As you are aware from my other thread on this subject I have been able to renumber my mainline class 60 but I am very nervous about doing my ews class 60.

I did a small search last night and found Morays models in Scotland offer the service at what I think is a reasonable price.

They state that it will cost 10 pounds to remove the numbers/nameplate so that I can renumber the loco myself or 15.00 for them to renumber/rename the loco for me.

I don't have any experiance with this company has anyone had this service done before and could recommend a company that is relativley cheap and good without the need for a respray of the loco.

Any suggestions would be helpfull as I would like to have another numbered class 60 apart from the one I have which is 60052. And if the job is a good one I might be tempted to buy more 60's and have them renumbered as
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