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Comparing Class 66s

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I've completed wiring up my Lenz Set 100 and can now operate all my Class 66s together, which with all their directional lights on is very impressive

However, how do people think the DAY lights compare between the GraFar 66, the DAPOL 66, and the real thing?

If it helps, I can upload a photo?
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From top to bottom, which is also left to right in the dark :

66072 - DAPOL
66050 - DAPOL
66121 - DAPOL
66135 - GraFar
66008 - DAPOL
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That is a very impressive line up of 66's. I have one Grafar 66 (Freightliner) and one Dapol 66 (GBRf), and I still have mixed thoughts on these.

Neither are correct with respect to the prototype as the running lights are not represented, only the headlights. I would say that the Dapol model IMHO is the better model, as the headlights that are present are brighter like the real headlamps.

However, the DCC conversion is a pain compared to the Grafar, so until Dapol bring out their DCC ready one I think I will put up with the less bright Grafar lights !

I assume you have converted all yours to DCC for your Lenz? How easy did you find the Dapol conversion - I am yet to attempt mine and have considered selling my Dapol 66 to buy the Grafar equivelent GBRf model.
I have had all DAPOL Class 66s converted to DCC by Ken Chapman (DCC Model Railways) or Nigel Burkin (non-trading)
Nigels conversion is superior, as the day/night setting is retained, where as Ken Chapmans removes this

As a result I now have two Class 66s, numbered 66072
I am currently deciding whether to have the Ken Chapman one renumbered (possibly as 66099) or to sell it

66135 was convered to DCC by Andy Forty (DCC Supplies)

The latest one was 66610 (Freightliner livery) which was converted by my local model shop, but they have managed to damage the printed cicuit board and a replacement is required
They will not be doing any more conversions for me, and did not charge me!
I am waiting for a replacement PCB, then this too will shortly be sent to DCC Supplies for repair and conversion
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Anyone managed to install the missing third light in the Farish version, or get head and tail lights working independently? Something I plan to do when I get a round tuit.
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