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That is a very impressive line up of 66's. I have one Grafar 66 (Freightliner) and one Dapol 66 (GBRf), and I still have mixed thoughts on these.

Neither are correct with respect to the prototype as the running lights are not represented, only the headlights. I would say that the Dapol model IMHO is the better model, as the headlights that are present are brighter like the real headlamps.

However, the DCC conversion is a pain compared to the Grafar, so until Dapol bring out their DCC ready one I think I will put up with the less bright Grafar lights !

I assume you have converted all yours to DCC for your Lenz? How easy did you find the Dapol conversion - I am yet to attempt mine and have considered selling my Dapol 66 to buy the Grafar equivelent GBRf model.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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