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QUOTE (Bernardas @ 12 Aug 2009, 01:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sorry guys,but I did not understand.How feedback moduls connected to Elite ?
What feedback moduls did your use ?

The block occupancy detectors are fed back into a feedback sensor, this is connected to a PC running suitable software.

The Elite doesn't have the ability to have feedback units plugged into it.

When I was looking into this the way I was going to do it was to use occupancy detectors in each block which would connect into a LDT S88 feedback module.
This feedback module would be connected into a PC interface.
The software running on the PC would be able to read the inputs from the feedback units and then send out commands to the Elite.
It was basically two systems, each separate.
The feedback side giving the inputs such as where the loco was and what position the points are in, the software reads these inputs, then depending what you had programmed it to do, would give the output to the Elite telling it what to do such as control the locos, or change the points.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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