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Hi Dumpy,

I too wondered this a while back. I was happy with my Hornby Elite but wanted to add Occ detection and more.

I am using RR&Co software and decided after much reading that i would give a Digitrax Loconet system a go.

I do not have a digitrax command station, just their PR3 interface (USB TO LOCONET)

I have gathered quite a bit of gear and now have several DS64 acc decoders, their BDL168 detector as well as CML electronics DTM30.....with all this i can now.......Drive trains with the Elite as per normal, drive trains via RR&Co software with on screen throttles etc.... Change points from screen or automated on pc and change points and show their state on my "Old school" point/route control panel.

It all works very well. Down the track i will purchase a Digitrax command station and tie it together but for now it works well.

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