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Hi Dumpy

I'm not sure if anyone has done this

But your Elite has a computer interface and should have the XpressNet bus connection for addition of additional components
this should hook up to the Lenz LZV100 command station and the Elite will become a slave unit . The Lenz system will theoretically be connected via the Elite to the computer. This may save you buying the Lenz Computer interface
worst case you will have to buy a Lenz Computer Interface. See if you can borrow a LZV100 to try this out

I have been playing around with computer control using a Lenz LZV100 a Roco MultiMAUS system and the Lenz LI-USB interface and it all works together on the ExpressNet (I do not use the Lenz LH90 or LH100 hand control at all) . The LZV100 has the connections for the feedback from Modules in Doug's post

For Some reason it is Cheaper to buy Lenz from the USA than the EU and there are lots of Online stores selling Lenz products
Here are some online shops DCC Train
Johns Hobbies

These Shops take Paypal , there are lots More

Hope this helps

Regards Zmil
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