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QUOTE (Matthew Peddlesden @ 23 Mar 2008, 12:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for your time, I look forward to any comments and feedback!
Wow Matt! That's tremendous and works very well. That it works with built in speech recognition software in Vista (aarrghh) is good.

I really like the way you can switch by just saying the name of the locomotive. I'm sure you don't need suggestions on how to proceed but it would be great if you could say, "speed sixty" or "speed 100" and the train would accelerate/decelerate realistically to that speed without further instruction. I suspect an emergency "stop all" command would be great when an operator anticipates a collision. I imagine everything that can be done by DCC can be done by speech as well so there is so much potential in the system. It would be great one-day say "train 2 platform 3" and watch the points set themselves and train 2 pull up at platform 3 without further instruction!

I look forward to seeing how this develops, and thanks very much for sharing it with us!

P.S. I think a smoke alarm battery needs changing!
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