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Confused by TCS T1 functions

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Wonder if there is anyone out there who has experience of my problem. I have a Bachmann Class 37 into which I used to have a Hornby chip. Using this, F0 operated the head and tail lights, and F1 operated the cab lights. In an effort to improve my DCC knowledge and 'quality of running / control' I have now installed a TCS T1 decoder. the only problem is that whilst F0 still operates the head and tail lights, F1 no longer operates the cab lights.

Am I being stupid and missing something obvious or is there some magic CV setting I am missing?

Hope you can help.

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Hi Bill
How have you wired up the T1?
It has only has 2 functions as standard
The hornby may have had 3 functions
The headlights are 1 function in one direction and the second function is for the reverse direction
Regards Zmil
the TCS T1 has only two functions headlights and taillights (the numberings classifies it as one note the T1) so the second function doesn't work as the decoder doesn't have it to operate the 2nd function, so you need a decoder with more functions in the TCS range that would be the T4 or T6. so if you want the cab lights you will have to use another decoder and use this one for a another loco without as many functions.
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Obvious I suppose - will try swapping out for a spare 3 function I have - did not want it to be either something wrong with the decoder or with what I was doing with it.

Thanks again

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