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connectors for electrics

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Hopefully a simple one.

If you recall the Hornby switches you can buy ie, black, greaan and yellow, they come with lengths of wire to connect them up to the relevent accessory.

On the end of the wire is a male Plug/prong.

Where can I buy these?


Cpt Jack
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They certainly don't seem to rate a mention in the Hornby catalogue or even the price list.

Perhaps try and see if the section of the web-site on spare parts lists them at all?

John Webb
Try a car accessory shop.

You will need a crimping tool to connect them to the end of the wire.

Try: type in Crimp Terminals on the search line.

Don't know if you can buy the Hornby ones as spares, but I have the Javis Pin Connectors which look exactly the same to me.
Enter "javis pin connectors" into Google to find lots of suppliers.
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