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Considering Code 75 Switch how much pain?

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For my first layout in too many years skimpy blog

I had decided to keep it simple with Code 100 peco electrofrog (my last layout circa 1974 had electrofrog farish points - they made OO then - , so I couldn't thing of going back to insulfrog), I have read here and elsewhere of the problems people perceive with peco in general and code 100 in particular but thought it would be simple.

I liked the idea of slow acting point motors though and have bought a job lot of tortoises, hoping to rid myself of huge electical loads from the solenoids as well as the much better looking movement.

But I have only just dropped in that code 100 electrofrog and tortoise dont go too brilliantly - I can't use the internal switching without physically cutting the rails it seems - and confirmed from reading various threads on here. I am not keen on cutting up the brand new points - I'll probably mess it up. But the code 75 come with a built in facility to prevent the need for rail cutting.

So *finally* getting to the point if I use a selection of new (in the last year) hornby, bachmann, heljan stock on code 75 will I need to go through all sorts of rewheeling pain and fettling, or will it work fine.

Thanks in advance - sorry if this has been done to death, nothing much came up on searching for code 75
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Basically , everything made in the last 20 years will run fine on code 75.

If you get the problem Ozzie21 mentions - it would be just the same on code100 and the remedy is the same - check the back to back.

You should not have to rewheel anything for Peco code75. This seems to be one of the great unfounded myths . There is no difference in the flangeway clearance between current code 100 and current code 75

QUOTE so,have peco (and others?) gradually tightened up their scantlings? (sorry, navy term......forget....senile dementia sets in....erm....)....have they improved their check rail standards over the years?

Because if so, this might be a reason for some points creating probs, (and newer stuff not??)

Yes they have. In the early 90s I think. But they never told anyone. Nor did they say what the old and new values were..... (1.55mm and 1.39mm if you really want to know)
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