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QUOTE (zmil @ 15 Oct 2008, 09:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just a question about the advanced consisting

Is the consist address limited to 2 digit or do the loco address's need to be 2 digit (or both) ?

I suppose that 3 questions

Regards Zmil

***Advanced consiting doesn't affect the decoder address settings at all - it simply aliases the group of locos to a new number between 1 and 127. You should think of a consist address as a train number not a loco number anyway...

Advanced consisting keeps full loco by loco accessory / lighting control and has other benefits so I don't see it as a disadvantage at all - after all, how many consists are likely to be wanted?

Re back EMF in consists it should be set so that the back EMF is reduced in effect as speed increases - or if U have TCS back EMF you can turn it off and on with a function OR set it so it turns off at a specific speed step - both excellent features as slow speed control is mantained as "best":

Alternately, you can remove the problem by properly speed matching the loco's to start with.

In real trains, such minor "fighting" between locos (as can happen on multiple models with back EMF) does exist anyway by the way - ask any engine driver before the days of full electronic control (ie recently!) ... so its quite prototypical!


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