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Consumer satisfaction

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Model railway consumer satisfaction
On a scale of 1 to 5, indicate your satisfaction with the current model railway market:
1 - Dissatisfied :-(12.94%
2 - Not very satisfied, it could be better...720.59%
3 - Sitting on the fence with this one617.65%
4 - Satisfied1647.06%
5 - Very satisfied :)411.76%
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QUOTE Generally i am quite satisfied with the current model railway market. but not the UK modelling market.
I think there is far too much emphasis on bread and butter models that do nothing to inspire me. I would agree with this, there have been sone good releases from the Continental manufacturers but I don't see anything in UK outline other than the Scotrail coaches that I really want.

QUOTE I also felt the poll is too general. Is the question aimed at modellers of UK outline or at modellers who reside in the UK or at modellers who reside in the UK and only model UK outline?
It seems unreasonable that those who have little interest in UK modelling or who are from outside the UK and have little idea of the UK scene should be invited to vote. Gary, Doug mentioned continental releases in his opening question. Yes it would have been good to separate Continental from UK and US as some of us are satisfied with the Continental offerings but not the UK but why do you continuously try to exclude people whos views do not coincide with yours? Some of us model both and are entitled to an opinion regardless of where we happen to live. You have been told before by the moderators that this forum is an international forum for people of all races.

QUOTE Its like asking somebody who lives in Scotland to vote on how my English taxes should be set (Dig at Gordon Brown there)! Don't open this one up. We've had your english colonial rule for 300 years and had to put up with that despite a majority of us wanting to remain independant. Better stick with railway modelling Gary. Don't start on politics. It's really not appropriate.
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QUOTE The ultra high speed electrics are very much flagshipsat the cutting edge of modern European railways. This is where the action is and by my count the modelling support is:

Hornby : Pendolino (new)
TGV Lyra (new??)
Eurostar (HO ex Jouef, OO)

Mehano Thalys
TGV Reseau

Plus a slightly dodgy early ICE from one of the German manufacturers, and the Kato N gauge Eurostar

The traditional majors seem to have opted out of this area, leaving it to the more thrusting second division players

So whats this then?

Trix and Maerklin have the ICE3 and the AVE, Roco have the ICE diesel unit, Fleischmann have the ICE1, ICE2 and ICE T. That last one sounded like a rap star?
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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