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To be quite honest, a solid diet of high quality bread and butter models is what I'd like to see as a layout builder.

High quality models of RODs and Buckjumper 0-6-0Ts please, not more LNER Pacifics

Bachmann's 12T BR vans are very welcome. That's a lot of Parkside kits I won't need to build over the next 20 years

I'm disappointed that the majors seem to be standing back from modern image in the conventional sense (as a result perhaps of all the muck that has flown round the D+E scene), and Falcon is no real use to me. I'd have swapped it eagerly for a state of the art 86 (more bread and butter - just 100 locos, just 40+ years of service)

But whatever any possible reservations about the mechanism of the Pendolino and whether Hornby will prove to hit the bulleye in terms of capturing the prototype faithfully, the Pendolino is groundbreaking and opens up whole new areas for modelling

I'd missed the fact Hornby had announced TGV Lyra in the same year as the Pendolino...

The ultra high speed electrics are very much flagshipsat the cutting edge of modern European railways. This is where the action is and by my count the modelling support is:

Hornby : Pendolino (new)
TGV Lyra (new??)
Eurostar (HO ex Jouef, OO)

Mehano Thalys
TGV Reseau

Plus a slightly dodgy early ICE from one of the German manufacturers, and the Kato N gauge Eurostar

The traditional majors seem to have opted out of this area, leaving it to the more thrusting second division players

I just hope TGV Lyra is done properly , with sufficient vehicles to make a proper length train

It would perhaps make sense to have separate categories for UK , Continental , and arguably US outline. Each scene is different, and the mood in one is not the mood in another.

I may not be on cloud 9 at this years new tooling, but overall things in the UK look pretty healthy. The long boom must end sometime and surely we're on borrowed time as far as the flood of new tooling is concerned but still useful new stuff keeps coming. There are no real gaps in OO (unless it carries passengers and runs on electricity or is pregrouping) N gauge is back from the dead with a steady trickle of good new stuff, we have RTR in O.

really we shouldn't complain too much- "You've never had it so good"
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