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continenal dcc systems

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in my opinion continental dcc systems are built better than your average hornby elite. I've been reading up myself as i'm interested in purchasing a new dcc system but at a good price. From what i can see so far in my research, continental systems are about the same price but are quite hardy too. Take the new roco multimaus for example it is very hard to get hold of but i believe it should be £70-£100 and it has the quality of the lenz lv100.

has anybody whos got or had the multimaus got any complaints?

Hope to hear from you

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I'm just waiting for my multimaus to arrive (come on Royal Mail/Parcelforce). As soon as I've got any news I'll post it here.


Dear abs,

The Multimaus is easy to obtain via eBay. You can lower the risk by buying it from a German or Austrian shop, and then you will usually get some form of guarantee or refund if it goes wrong. See my old posting for more details (including a link to the manual in English) :-

Multimaus Posting

Just do a search on "Roco Multimaus" and you should get 20 or 30 offers. Some of the shops offers are mulitple offerings, so they are plenty around. I ordered mine from "" and there were 23 available then.

John Russell
Vienna, Austria
A good budget option is to buy it as part of a start set as seen below. This way you get the transformer some track and a loco into the bargain. This is how I started into DCC with a Roco digital starter set and I have no complaints at all. I have found them to be excellent.

Modellbahn kramm sell them.
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Unfortionately for me it looks like those offers on ebay have been snapped up and the one left is without a transformer, it's used and is being sold at $200 (A bit expensive for a used one without a transformer)
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