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QUOTE (Rail-Rider @ 28 Oct 2005, 13:10)This isn't fault finding or criticism but a genuine question.

The Model Rail Forum banner at the top shows an A4, Silver Link(?), with teak coaches. I'm not sure of the manufacturer but, in any case, could I ask if the close coupling distance has been slightly 'enhanced' for artistic purposes or is the very small gap representative of what can now be expected? I suspect a bit of artistic licence and no problem if that is so, but I really would like to know.


That is just one of the banners. You can select others by changing the skin on the bottom left of the page.

Yes, they have been close coupled (with Photoshop). The coupling distances of the tension-lock system is quite large and looks a bit strange when viewed from the side.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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