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I concur with Neil,

There are several very good German Mags - the 5 biggest monthlies are probably
Eisenbahn Journal
Eisenbahn Magazin
Eisenbahn Kurier
I get contacts to send me the occasional issue, or when colleagues go OS they bring them back for me.

They all have pros and cons and probably as value for money for content EisenbahnMagazin is probably the best, but I've always had a soft spot for EJ and MIBA because of the paper quality and photos (EJ) and the actual stronger modelling content and 'Zugbildung' articles from Michael Meinhold in MIBA. They all publish various 'Special editions' on prototype or modelling subject matter.

EJ, EM, ME and EK are generally in a half prototype/half model content format, while MIBA is more model content.
EM always has a foldout scale drawing in the middle (of locos or rolling stock) - EM also does good comparative reviews (with scores) when models of the same prototype are available from different manufacturers, and an occasional feature 'Das Vorbild als Vorbild' for example which takes a modellable prototype and translates it to layout plans. I suscribed to EM when I lived in Germany and up until about 1996.
EJ is much more pictorial in general, big format and great content (often with a double page centrefold as a sort of Poster). Rather than keep searching for my odd old copies (colllected over 25y) around the house, and trying to figure out whether my missus has chucked them out or not, I just received, for 33Euro, the archive of every monthly issue from 1975 until Dezember 2008 ! 33 years worth of monthly issues in a 2CD set!

As Neil says, the EJ Specials on prototypes (I have the publications on classes 01, 03, 18.4-6, 50, 56, 64, 75, 78, 82, 86, 98) are very very informative, while the MIBA specials on modelling subject matter (eg Zugbildung v1-3, Nebenbahn, Eingleisige Hauptbahnen, Signalling Practice, etc) are also invaluable reference sources.

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