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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 6 Jun 2008, 11:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>***Unfortunately you can't wire them via the switches at all - as the switches are momentary, then the LED would only light momentarily.

If you want to use LEDS on the panel you will have to add a switch to the point motors OR use a latching realy or product like the DCCconcepts MASTERswitch V2 which combines point throw assistance (so no need for a CDU) + LED memory + uses normal switches not momentary.... and they are already supplied with bipolar red./green LED for your panel.

I'll ask Martin71 to do a review of them as I think they would help many modellers here on this forum - or email me off list for more data.


I have a mimic board which uses bi-colour LEDS activated by PECO slide switches (PL-13 or SL-13 I forget) mounted to each point.
Green shows right of way and red shows right of way against you for each junction.
Each LED common has a 1k resistor on its centre leg and the other 2 legs are fed from the switch which takes its power from the controller Aux source.
If you have opposed points such as at a cross-over loop to loop then you can wire the switches such that you get all-reds if one point does not fire making for an unsafe junction.
This works for DC or DCC as the power is separate from the track.
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