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Hi Dennis.

I can now confirm that HD 3-rail electric points are the same, motor wiring wise, as 2-rail ones in that the "centre" terminal is the common return.

As said above, the points only use power "momentarily" while they are actually changing. HD points can be run from either the 12Volts or the 15 Volts supply. (The higher voltage is the one normally used, as it gives the solenoid more of a "kick". BUT it does mean that you have to be a little more careful when using the switches, that you do not leave the lever "on" too long and "cook" the windings of the solenoid!)

The 12Volts "uncontrolled" output is the one that can be used by the (as Tri-ang call it) circuit controller to control a second train on a separate circuit. Marhsall (Meccanno )units were available for this purpose.

I should have more info in my files, I will look into it and post again!
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