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QUOTE (Cornish_Rail @ 10 Jul 2008, 19:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi All
Am trying to find a 2 track controller with inertia. Can anyone help me.
Many thanks

Hi there,

welcome to the forum, just had a look on gaugemasters website and they have a twin track DC controller with simulator on both tracks. Copy and paste this link to check it out. Its quite pricey tho at £134.95 but it should suit your requirements.


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Suggest that maybe at that price you get a DCC contoller and use it to simulate all the inertia you want and it would be less expensive than the one mentioned above. You could get a Zephyr and a couple of decoders for that price for instance. You didn't mention whether it had to be DC now did you?

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Although the Gaugemaster is quite pricey (try shopping around for a better price though) it is a very well constructed reliable bit of kit. In the unlikely even of a problem with it, don't forget it is guaranteed for life.

There are other manufactures such as Kent Panel Controls that may be worth a look.

Yes, you could get an entry level DCC set up for similar money, but DCC is not for everyone & you may very well have good reasons to stay with DC as your question inferred.
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