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Hi Stets

What you are thinking of doing is a bit like having the opportnity to buy a new cycle and selecting one which has only one gear when, for a little bit more, you could have one with thirty gears. You obviously have no controller as yet and its gonna cost a few quid (dollars) to set yourself up with some reliable DC kit when, for almost the same (maybe a little bit more), you can get a decent DCC starter set (eg NCE PowerCab).

In my experience, once you've got your layout down, it's the controller which makes the difference to the enjoyment level derived from it and I'm sure, if you don't take this ideal opportunity to set yourself up with DCC then, within a very short space of time, you will seriously regret it and probably end up spending more cash on DCC anyway. Think of it as now having the choice between buying an analogue 12" black and white tv or a full blown 42" digital plasma with cinema surround sound - you may think you want the 12" b&w but in the back of your mind we know you really want the 42" plasma.

I am a DC to DCC convert who resisted the move quite voiciferously claiming it "has little or no advantage over DC" as I had just about everything you could want with DC. But, now I've switched over, I can't begin to put into words how much more enjoyment I get from my layout - seriously, and the difference is similar to the step up from clockwork to electric models. If we carried out a poll on this forum of members who had switched from DC to DCC asking how many regreted the move the answer would probably be none.

'Being put off by what sounds like complicated technology?' don't be. You don't have to know anything like all of it, just a few basics that's all you need. Once you get into it, like so many things, your natural interest will grow and develop your knowledge base, this is a growing technology, most manufacturers are now starting to develop new ideas and products to increase our enjoyment so, why choose to miss out?.

Done my preaching - so I'll get back in my box.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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