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I'm pleading for help!! Im a novice to this and ANY support would be greatly appreciated!

I've spent on a few $$$'s on this hobby and I'm yet to even lay a track piece on the table! Call it a building up phase - buy everything and then begin the project.

I'm STUCK on the controller issue - that is, how do I control the spee of my train! What method do the 'experts' suggest? I dont particularly want to go to DCC as i've spent enough $$$s but if I have to I'll consider it.

What suggestions are there out there for powering my set? Im slowly learning the electronics side of things, so go easy on me when asking the questions.

Im something simple, effective and reasonable priced.

ANY help will be appreciated!

P.S - a local shop suggested the digitrax system, but he done my head in with trying to explain it to me.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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