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Hi All

I am making steady progress with developing a layout using Fleischmann profi track and stock. e bay offers a variety of second hand locos, however starting from scratch I opted for digital. Does anyone have any experience of converting older locos for digital use. Is it viable and can it be undertaken by someone with limited electronic knowledge, i.e. me. Happy to learn but I don't want to scrap too many locos before I get the chance to run them!

Many thanks

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Virtually any locomotive can be converted to DCC - the keyphrase is "degree's of diffeculty".

Many earleir FLM locomotives have a metal motor backplate that will require replacement to enable both motor bushes to be totally insulated from the chassis (as for all locomotives). You can faff around with insulating the brushholder but IMHO not worth the bother.

If you need the insulated backplates send me a PM.

Hope this helps.
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