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Has anyone out there converted the old Hornby E2 to scale?
by that I mean corrected the body dimensions to bring it back to scale length. I read somewhere some years ago that the body had been compromised to fit on the then Jinty chassis.
I am in the throes of converting two such chassis to finescale OO using Romford driving wheels, but noticed that the two bodies I have put by for the chassis are slightly shorter than scale. My intention is to model both versions of the E2, short side tank and the extended tank versions and have had a Crownline conversion kit salted away for a good while, but when I looked at the drawing in, I think, the Railway Modeller, I saw that the bunker is somewhat truncated compared to the drawings and photo's. I hope I'm not the first person to consider doing this but wondered if someone had already done it or knew of someone who had.

Many years ago I built the Wills kit of the E2 in EM gauge but as I had built the chassis to the wider gauge, decided to to sell it as it couldn't readily be converted back to 'narrow gauge'

Any advice would be appreciated.
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