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Coronation, Silver Jubilee Set

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Hello all,

does anyone have pictures of a gresley "Coronation" or "Silver Jubilee" rake that they may posess, or have taken photos of previously. I would love to see a OO set. I am in Australia and have never seen one before. I am only aware of the Mailcoach/ Cooper Craft plastic kits for both trains. Are there other people/companies out there producing these coaches?

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i im in the process of building a coronation set. i will gladly post pictures but i am a bit tied up right now. (I have my apendix out on saturday!) i will post them on here in a couple of weeks.

the kits for the centre coaches are actually not bad but the observation coach is pretty shocking! the roof on mine was 1CM too short!! and the wondows on the beaver tail end bear little resembelence to the real thing. having said that they are an excellent base for scratchbuilding.

Hello all,

This is the only picture I have been able to find of a OO Coronation set. I assume they must be extrememly rare. I put out a plea, please overwhelm me with as much information in regards to models of Gresley's streamlined coaches as humanly possible!

Coronation Set
Vectis Previous Auction

For serious information about the Coronation or Silver Jubilee sets (or the almost identical West Riding set) you need to obtain one of the Michael Harris books on LNER coaches. There are good photos in there and scattered throughout other LNER photographic works. There are also diagrams of the whole train.

I have built almost all a Coronation set and didn't find it as bad as pedromorgan implied. I think that now that CooperCraft are moulding them themselves (Colin Ashby used to do it) they have a bit more quality control. The roof moulding for the beavertail is not for the beginner, I'll grant you that.

If you really want a Silver Jubilee set then Bill Bedford is the man but it will cost you. I've never built one of his kits but they have a good reputation for accuracy. Again the Michael harris book swill give you the source material you need. The Hornby 'Silver Jubilee' sets actually use Stanier coaches and should be avoided at all costs.
I'm also looking to build a set of "Coronation" coaches but am not equipped to build a brass kit so am planning to scratch build them in plastic.
A couple of years back I was after some info on Greasley Tourist Stock and from somewhere that I forget now, I got an email address for a guy called Lee, I tried to contact him again a few days ago but my email was returned undelivered. I know this is a long shot but is there a member here who called "Lee" and used to have an NTL email address [email protected] if not then I'll try to check out the books recommended above.
i am not sure how to add pictures but i will stick in the links to a couple of pictures "in process"

i have not done much more to them due to my appendix operation. peter

i thought i had some pictures of the beaver tail but aparently i dont. i will take more and get them on here.

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Looking good. While you're at it pedromorgan can you confirm the shades of blue you are using? I think I read that the colours are Garter blue for the darker shade and Marlborough blue for the lighter shade. Thanks.
yes the darker blue is garter and the light blue is marlborough.

the roof and the underframe are both a little controversial.
there are various schools of thought regarding the foof. some think white (as i do) but is very few photographs it actually looks white! in some pictures it looks silver in some it is definatly grey. but was it painted grey or did it weather to that colour?

there are several people that insist they know the answer to this question but i personally and not inclined to believe them. i dont think we will ever truly know any more.

as for the underframe. it was either black or a very dark grey. i will either paint mine black or battleship grey (the same colour as my W1). my train will be pulled buy either an A4 or the W1 ush hush and so i think if i painted it LNER battleship grey it would match either loco.

but i might do it black. i have not decided yet!

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