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Having looked at a fair few exhibition layouts in my time and having read reviews in magazines I have noticed that not one modern outline layout seems to reflect the changing face of Britain.

Every high street has Indian and Chinese retaurants and takeaways and yet do you see these represented in models that feature town centres?

And the only religious buildings available and modelled seem to be the traditional church with a spire or a tower when in this day and age the options to add to the religious landscape seem wider than ever.

And the bingo hall is one of the most popular haunts of British folk and yet do you see them modelled on any layout?

Whilst railway modellers can be seen as a conservative traditional bunch of hobbyists a fair number do pride themselves on the accuracy of the model and period that is being represented.

Given that Hornby have recently introduced a mix of modern and old with Skaledale pillar boxes (R8579), recycling banks (R8578), Jack Beeton's garage (R8556), wheely bins (R8577), generator (R8600), crates (R8597), telephone kiosks (R8580) and tarpaulined crates (R8599), what else could they produce in the range?

Have any of you any thoughts on this and which other features should modern outline layouts contain that generally are overlooked?

Happy modelling
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