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Cottonmill express

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Today is my first trip out to see steam i have been looking forward to this since christmas. I have wanted to see black 5 at Copy Pit armed with my new camara & a sunny day i thought it was going to be perfect. I set up for the perfect shot great spot itwas all going well until i i got back home & looked at it.
The photo is below & look what has happened that inconsiderate idiot has spoilt not only my photo but everyone elses too because of his ignoarance towards others. I am close to a 1000 degrees im that angry. I dont usually get like this but something i have built up to all month & looked forward to so much spoilt. That idiot could have gone to the second coach to get his footage rather than spoil everyones photo. Copy pit was absolutly packed with steam fans waiting to make full use of the great sunny weather & i bet im not the only one who is going to be spitting fire.

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There was a pic in (I think) Railway Magazine last summer of one of the specials on the Settle and Carlisle where the caption stated that some prominent people in bright-coloured coats had been photoshopped out. So even for publication this may be OK so long as it is pointed out.

Lovely pic, I can feel the need for a special like that on my contemporary layout.
Windows were always barred off on certain routes - North London Line and Cumbrian Coast IIRC - due to unusually tight clearances. I also seem to recall that further down the Copy Pit line one of the tunnels has an internal supporting frame so that could be pretty tight too!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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