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Can anyone advise me on the best and simplest solution to a coupling problem.

I have a problem with ALL Bachmann wagons and coaches as they constantly seem to catch and derail and are apparently incompatible with Hornby and Heljan locomotive couplings.

I have tried changing the couplings on loco stock to NRM small tension lock couplings but the Bachmann ones which are fixed to the majorty of their rolling stock just do not seem to have the appropriate space on the bar for negotiating curves.

I use second and third radius curves and have no problem with Hornby rolling stock. Similarly Bachmann locos are fine with Bachmann rolling stoc (and in fact all other rolling stock) so it seems to be just the Bachmann wagons and coaches.

I was hoping that changing the couplings on the locos would change things but I am still getting constant derailments.

For information it tends to be the wagons more than the coaches.

What couplings can/should I use and can I avoid changing couplings on all my Bachmann rolling stock?

Any help much appreciated.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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