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couplings again!!!

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hi all, i have just bought 8 dapol coaches and fitted light bars at great cost. look good, however, coaches keep uncoupling at various stages. as these will be kept as a rake and will not be separated does anyone have ideas of how to stick, pin glue nail or any other method the couplings together without stopping them functioning on curves and points etc.
any advice greatly appreciated
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Hunt magnetic couplings are great, don't cost much and are easy to fit.
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Yes, at £12.95 for a full HST set of couplings (I assume you are talking about N gauge Mk3 coaches) including enough for eight carriages and two power cars you can't go wrong. I met the chap who designs them at the Bristol exhibition earlier this year and he is very thorough in his design and testing. I bought one of their new sets for a Farish Class 220 Voyager which are a godsend because the manufacturer fitted couplings are a nightmare and drove me mad.

They do look good with the light bars fitted. If you want to go a step further and throw a bit more money at it then you could convert them to dcc. I am part way through converting my Mk3 coaches to switch the lights on or off by dcc control. I've done six so far and have another six to go but I'm waiting for the very small and cheap (£10) Lais 860010 decoders to become available again before I can continue. They are very small so easy to conceal in the end doorway compartment of the carriage. Just snip the wire from the light bar in half and insert the decoder inline between the lightbar and the little plug.
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