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couplings again!!!

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hi all, i have just bought 8 dapol coaches and fitted light bars at great cost. look good, however, coaches keep uncoupling at various stages. as these will be kept as a rake and will not be separated does anyone have ideas of how to stick, pin glue nail or any other method the couplings together without stopping them functioning on curves and points etc.
any advice greatly appreciated
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A couple of questions;
  • Can you see why they are uncoupling - is one/more of the couplings sitting higher/lower/drooping?
    • Is it the mounting bracket, or the coupling within the socket?
  • Are you intending to run the coaches in a fixed rake, or do you want to be able to shunt them?
If there are specific quality issues with certain coaches, I'd suggest rejecting them back to the retailer for a replacement (see separate ongoing topic RE quality control).

You could also investigate fitting alternative coupling types. Kadees and Hunt Magnetic Couplings are both popular choices.


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