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couplings again!!!

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hi all, i have just bought 8 dapol coaches and fitted light bars at great cost. look good, however, coaches keep uncoupling at various stages. as these will be kept as a rake and will not be separated does anyone have ideas of how to stick, pin glue nail or any other method the couplings together without stopping them functioning on curves and points etc.
any advice greatly appreciated
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If you really wanted to save money buy some very small Neo magnets 2-3mm round, chop the hooks off the standard couplings to leave a flat surface and cyno the magnets to them, a bit of trial and error and you have what you want.

I’ve used the same magnets inside the corridor end of coaches and put another in the corridor blanking boards and the end boards stay on firmly, no falling off as they thunder around.

ps : just remember to keep the magnet polarity around the right way :D
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