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Coupling help for beginner.

Having recently got into model railing after a gap since childhood (longer than I thought), I was bought a Hornby DCC Mixed Goods set for my birthday. The other day I purchased 2 Bachmann goods wagons (a firestone plank truck and a Toad Brake Van). All was well till I tried to couple up to a Loco. The couplings, although both use the same principle - hook and loop (tension lock?), they are completely different in size, and as a result create all sorts of derailments on bends and points, and uncouplings on the run.

I have read lots of forums talking about all sorts of different couplings, but that has just confused me more.

What options have I got?
What is the easiest and most cost effective method without destroying my existing rolling stock?

Other than that, DCC is great. I have also bought a Pendolino 4 car train which is great too.
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Doug has posted a useful how-to article herein, on the very subject of Kadee fitment. (link).

However, with Bill just 'starting out', will kadees not prove just a little too techical in fitment and usage?

I don't have any real issues mixing Bachmann and Hornby couplers on our small layout, with its tight least, not with recently-acquired models.

we have got some older wagons, and these have very compact couplers, with little sideplay, and these cause problems.

I think there is a dimension difference between the hook end, and the bar, on these compared to later one's....which seem to have more free play?
I'd buy some spare Hornby couplers and replace using glue or screws.
years ago whilst into US modelling, the preferred advice was to body-mount the Kadees..(all vehicles were bogies)....

now, I am aware many US prototype freight cars had their trucks closer to the ends of the vehicle than is usual on british bogie stock...but as I recall, the same advice applied to US passenger stock too.

the reason for body mounting centred around pushing bogie stock......the forces going through the body rather than through the bogie pin.

however, I noticed the cheaper ranges intended for trainset usage ie sharp curves, went with truck mounted couplers.

which is the preferred mounting method, bearing in mind the sort of trackage used?
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