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QUOTE (paul stapleton @ 1 Oct 2009, 13:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Although with an NEM box both might survive, one for the serious market, the other for the toy market.

As the NEM part of the coupling generally refers to the stock end (how the coupler is attached to the stock) while the MT/KD knuckle coupler is the fitting on the opposite business end (the one that joins up to the coupling on the next bit of stock) there is no reason why a MT/KT coupler cannot be made with a NEM fitting on the other end of the shank (to fit in to the socket/pocket box on stock giving push-in-pull-out changeability with a fully functioning coupler).

That would make it of interest to both the 'toy' and the 'serious modeller' market in Britain where buck-eye knuckle style couplers were not common (and still are often not fitted) on British locos and rolling stock prototypes. Modellers could then simply temporarilly pull the knuckle coupler off the front end of trains (perhaps replacing with a dummy shackle coupler) leaving it looking more realistic.

And as much British N gauge stock is now fitted with NEM socket/pockets, a MT/KD coupler with NEM fitting would provide an easy upgrade path for existing rolling stock in all market sectors.

1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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