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Cpt Jacks Sentimental Restoration

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This is something I have wanted to do for years and I have now decided I am ready, With a little help from you lot

I inherited this from my Grandfather many years ago and would love to restore to it's former glory.

I have had the clockwork mechanism professionally repaired and it's running ...... well like clockwork

Now there are alot of bits missing so will prbably need fabricating, but I may also get lucky from some places.

What I really could do with are some pointers on where to start.

Thanks in advance

Cpt Jack

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I would first want to make it complete, Ie buffers and bogies plus the rear is missing completely
QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 27 Jan 2009, 13:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Personally I would do as Peter suggested - at the most try & locate maybe fabricate missing parts, but keep it in playworn condition.

Yes I think you are right, however at some stage the black has been painted with a matt black which looks very wrong, that's why I was toying with the repaint
I agree this is no rush restoration, I would just like to get it all back together and runningin memory of my Grandfather.

I have had a dig around Fleabay and found a couple of bits.

I'm really struggling to find a picture of what it should look like complete.
Thanks Upnick, that looks like the electric version with the bulb on the front, However gives me all I need for the look of whats missing.....
Thanks that would be a great help, really appreciate that.
QUOTE (frame69 @ 27 Jan 2009, 15:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>My knowledge on these items is almost zero,(I would like to start collecting older items as I already collect cars etc...) if I had the same problem I would contact honiton models in devon as the whole shop is full of this stuff

Thanks for that, used to live down that way, and my parents still do. I feel a visit coming on.
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Hi Upnick

thanks for checking that for me,

As for the restoration, I am at the moment collecting missing parts, also the is one of these on ebay at themoment in a sorry state, but has all of the bits I need, so fingers crossed the weekend may be fruitful........


Cpt Jack
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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