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I'm looking for quite a bit of OO stuff right now to continue on the sound/smoke/lighting project work I enjoy and have really noticed little change thus far; other than....higher starting prices (daft IMO) ridiculous reserve prices etc etc.

Notably the profit merchants have little to play with other than the ltd edition run of 300 deltics from the NRM with one surfacing this week for £350 buy it now! I'm glad I had one from the NRM 9my Christmas present as I am waiting for a chip to arrive from Richard (DCC concepts) to convert the one I had originally.

I need several locos right now and keep getting beaten in bid price; some are still going for more than the discounted retail price that many dealers are offering, which is why I will decide my max price before bid end.

Now is now however and January February could be an altogether different story so I will keep my small wedge handy to hopefully get a few bargains. Fingers crossed anyways.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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