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It will probably vary according to category .

I'm not surprised if Continental HO prices are holding up : you would have expected Continental countries to have been less affected (though interestingly their economies appear to be being hit alnmost as hard - in our business its simply a matter of the slowdown there being not quite so severe) - in any case there has been a severe slowdown in Continental RTR sales for some years and buying second hand from eBay has probably been practiced more vigourously as a cheaper alternative to buying new.

A quick look through listings of kits and kitbuilt locos at the weekend suggested that this market was looking pretty weak with completed kitbuilt locos in some unfinished auctions at around £20-£25 . A lot of this looked to me like deceased estate material

Ebay prices will shift at the point where there is more stuff being offered than there are buyers, and the sellers are prepared to accept whatever they can get, rather than pricing high and letting it go through unsold . A lot of overpriced "buy it nows " seemed to be sitting there unwanted....

To be brutal about it, I wouldn't expect a big shift in prices until after unemployment has risen sharply and you have forced sellers . At the moment you have people being told they are going - but they haven't gone yet

I can see the ebay market in Kestrels being "interesting" . I can see a few would-be smart traders getting very burnt
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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