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Cross-compatability of NER buildings.

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I have these three Hornby Skaledale station buildings, which are based on those of the (pre-grouping) North Eastern Railway, in North Yorkshire. Even if I repaint parts of these buildings, is their architectural style compatible with those of other railway companies around the UK?
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The constructional style of the stone built house wouldn't look violently out of place wherever 'millstone grit' was readily available as building stone, so there's a broad swathe of territory from Derbyshire up to the central belt of Scotland where they would be credible. Best fit is North Yorks northward into Scotland's central lowlands, the stepped gable end very much a feature of traditional architecture of Northern England and Southern Scotland, on the eastern side of both countries.

Millstone grit occurs in conjunction with the coal measures in these locations, so railway companies built plenty of lines there: I'd suggest L&Y, MR, NBR, probably CR, possibly G&SWR.

That's all very 'broad brush' and I expect both geologists and architectural historians will be sighing in despair.
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I live in Devon and again east of Exeter stone was much used although the LSWR tended to make stations a bit more opulent but still OK I think, the GWR also there was more brick to the east of Exeter but not exclusive just depended if there was a quarry nearby, those buildings would not look out of place on the Somerset and Dorset for instance again upland areas with stone quarries whilst flatter more coastal areas are more likely to have brick and some places were a fusion of the two.

What you might like to do is visit 'Disused stations' and have a look around lots of examples that might suit your buildings and railway thinking, but beware there are a very great lot of stations to visit and there are a lot more not yet posted

Another interesting line would be the Midland and South Western Junction sort of would be useful, start at Cirencester Watermoor and there are links to other stations from there.
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as the line was resurrected as the NYMR North Yorkshire Moor Railway you can view several of the resurrected stations along the line, but the station is quintessential Goathland, I have come across a number of people who have modelled this lovely station, several of the other buildings are almost exact pelicans at the other station, I did consider the one with the turning track but Goathland was so easy to source it was a slam dunk.
I have made my own cattlegrid for this, and will likely add the build on my own thread anytime soon.
I have a host of reference if you’re interested.
Can’t say it has been obvious to me elsewhere, as I h ave bought several stations that are based on real ones,

Goathland has some extra interests it was used for filming Heartbeat the tv police series, and the station was used for Harry Potter. As it is a preservation you can do prior to be rescued fyi it was green then, or after in the newer colours as a 1960s, and you can do it as a preservation with modern vehicles and it does special weekends military reenactment music etc, so there is a lot of scope, there is also a water feature, Bachmann do the church for the village, there is a passable police station for the heartbeat series, which is not actually in ~Goathland but 70 miles away. plus a number of Oxford cars depict cars from the tv series so bonus.
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Very similar too to buildings by the NER on the Nidd Valley Branch and others around that part of the world.
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Very similar too to buildings by the NER on the Nidd Valley Branch and others around that part of the world.
Excellent info tho u for the info

Nidd Valley Railway Heritage Society - Nidderdale
I've taken holidays in Nidderdale on a number of occasions. Photo of mine on the Geograph website:
The former railway station building at Pateley Bridge (1)

© Copyright John Webb and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.
(Click on picture to go to the larger original)
Unfortunately the 'Disused Stations' website hasn't yet got round to covering this line, but it is possible to follow its course on the Geograph site and most of the stations do have pictures where they have survived.
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I have stalled N gauge layout of Pateley Bridge as if it had stayed open. Stalled due to using Kato track with a Tomix 3 way point at a cruical location which has proven top be less than reliable. Maybe the whole will be taken up and replaced with Peco at a future date. For the station I cobbled together a pair of the Lyddle End buildings that Hornby use to make so that the platform side looks right although the never to be viewed rear is a bit of a mess. The concept for the layout is an alternate reality with the quarry at Greenhow Hill sending its output down by aerial ropeway for onward transport by rail.
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